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Company Name: Massey Ferguson Guyana
Contact name: Massey Ferguson
Main region covered: Guyana
City: Georgetown
Address: Georgetown, Guyana
Contact Tel: +923106447788
Email Address:
Web Address:
Services offered : Farming & Agriculture, Vehicle Accessories, Vehicle Accessories
Description of services:, a renowned agricultural equipment brand, has made significant strides in Guyana's farming landscape. With a strong presence, Massey Ferguson is empowering Guyanese farmers with cutting-edge machinery, boosting efficiency and productivity. The brand's commitment to innovation aligns with Guyana's agricultural goals, offering a diverse range of tractors and equipment tailored to local needs. Massey Ferguson's impact extends beyond machinery, fostering sustainable agricultural practices and contributing to food security. As Guyana embraces modern farming, Massey Ferguson stands as a reliable partner, driving progress in the nation's agrarian sector.

Company Name: Magical Cusco Travel Agency
Contact name: Magical Cusco Travel Agency
Main region covered: Peru
City: Cusco
Address: Av. Sol 130-C, Second Floor, Machu Picchu Shopping Centre, Cusco, Peru 08000 Machu Picchu Shopping Centre
Contact Tel: +51997766588
Email Address:
Web Address:
Services offered : Travel & Tourism
Description of services: Choosing Magical Cusco as your travel agency to visit Cusco ensures an experience steeped in our values: respect, transparency and innovation. We are deeply committed to offering our clients unparalleled service. Our aim is to create a journey that is as unique as you are, meticulously crafted with attention to every detail. Our respect for our customers is reflected in our transparency, and our innovation comes to life through the unique and captivating experiences we offer.

Company Name: Abogados Cali
Contact name: Abogados Cali
Main region covered: Columbia
City: Cali
Address: Cali
Contact Tel: +573219498682
Email Address:
Web Address:
Services offered : Business Consulting
Description of services: En nuestras oficinas en Cali, contamos con abogados especializados en derecho tributario para gestionar procesos tanto para personas naturales como jurídicas. Brindamos asesoría personalizada y apoyo a emprendedores y extranjeros. Estabilice su situación legal y cuente con nuestra experiencia para evitar evasión de impuestos.